What we do

Corporate Services

Corporate ServicesLine Group has, since 1995,  provided corporate services, built a loyal client base including many of the major banks, investment banks, the world’s largest gaming companies, as well as major insurance companies.

The Corporate Services Department is headed by Mark Okes-Voysey, the group’s CEO, and managed by Susan Gager.

Gibraltar companies are user friendly, flexible vehicles. They can be set up with any type of share capital (in any currency) and can accommodate different classes of shares affording different rights. Line Group has extensive experience in participating in all forms of commercial transactions, including purchase and sales, mergers, redemptions and buy-backs (from capital and from profits). Companies can be set up on a ‘same day’ basis and the documentation and processes required are akin to those used in most Common Law jurisdictions.

Gibraltar has a modern, newly enacted Companies Act that forms the basis for the provision of Line Group’s Services.

Minority shareholder rights are well established in the Companies Act 2014, and Gibraltar Courts have experience and expertise in handling commercial disputes.

As a low-tax, EU jurisdiction, Gibraltar is well placed to attract structuring of all types. With a 10% corporation tax rate, no stamp duty, capital gains, or withholding taxes, a Gibraltar Company is an excellent vehicle for the holding of personal and commercial assets alike.

Line Group is experienced in setting up all types of corporate vehicles, including private companies, companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee, unlimited companies, limited partnerships, public companies and protected cell companies. We have also been at the forefront of the use of Gibraltar public limited companies, including listings on the London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and AIM.

Line Group also offers the establishment and management of companies in over 30 jurisdictions, including most EU countries, Caribbean centres, Channel Islands and the Far East. We have a close relationship with a top quality network of agents who ensure clients enjoy the level of service they are used to getting from Line Group.

Line Group is also responsible for ensuring that companies under management complies with standard financial and legal practice and maintains standards of corporate governance, including excellent maintenance of corporate records.

Contact Mark Okes-Voysey for more information. Our due diligence requirements can also be reviewed here.

Trustee Services

Trustee ServicesOur Trust Department manages and administers all types of trusts including asset protection trusts, both in the private and commercial arena.

The services are structured through a number of professional trustees, licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission. The Trust Department is a direct beneficiary of Hassans’ 75 years of multi-jurisdictional expertise.

The management and administration of trusts is carried out by a dedicated and expert team, led by Line Group director Raquel Moss and assisted by Wayne Fortunato, along with a number of valued specialist trust administrators.

Every member of the team has either completed or is close to completing their Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) qualifications, underlining the depth and breadth of trust management knowledge within the unit.

Our management team has been approved by the Regulator and are able to share their legal knowledge, insight and expertise for the benefit of all our trust clients. The team not only executes all the duties of a trustee, it is also able to structure the optimum trust vehicle to suit clients’ needs no matter how complex.

For private clients, this can range from a discretionary trust to a fixed-interest or interest-in-possession trust or different combinations creating mixed trusts.

Commercial trust requirements can be even more sophisticated, with our experience extending to employee benefit trusts, share option schemes and personal pension plans.

The licence of one of our professional trustees, Line Trust Corporation Limited (“LTCL”) from the Financial Services Commission also covers the provision of asset protection trusts which are governed by their own specific legislation.

The Trust team currently holds on trust assets under management worth in excess of $10billion. The assets are held around the world and range from the simplest type of cash account, to equity portfolios, shares in private limited companies and regulated PLC’s, commercial and residential property portfolios and works of art.

We are practised in seeking out the best source of professional advice on behalf of our clients. This often involves liaising with accountants, property surveyors, foreign lawyers and investment managers, as well as orchestrating timely collaboration between the different departments within Line Group, and with our legal colleagues in Hassans.

A primary objective is to ensure LTCL always works with the financial institution that best serves the aims and circumstances of a particular trust’s needs. Bankers and investment managers can be appointed anywhere in the world within a reputable jurisdiction and Line Group has strong working relationships with top specialists in every key market.

The rigorous maintenance of trust records – everything from minutes of trustee meetings, documenting of all transactions and trust management activities – ensures that every aspect of clients’ trust administration is always of the highest order.

Uses of a Trust

Trusts are used for many purposes although primarily for tax, estate and succession planning. They can also be used as a convenient way to consolidate assets into one structure. There are a number of different trust arrangements that may be suitable for each client and the trust department at Line Group endeavours to discuss all the options available. We also urge our clients to seek appropriate tax and legal advice in the jurisdiction in which they are tax resident. The helps ensure that any structure suits the individual needs of the settlor and all the beneficiaries.

Discretionary Trust

Discretionary trusts offer a flexible platform in which the trustees have absolute discretion to manage the trust in the way they see fit, taking into account their overriding obligation to the beneficiaries and the need to comply with the trusts as set out in the trust deed.

Fixed Interest Trust

A fixed interest trust confers on the beneficiary vested interests either immediately or at some future date in the whole or a pre-determined portion of either the capital or income (or both) of the trust.

Life Interest Trust

A life interest trust is one whereby a beneficiary can be entitled to receive all income generated from the trust during his/her life (known as the life tenant). On the death of the life tenant the capital goes to a separate beneficiary (known as the remainder man).

Asset Protection Trusts

Asset protection trusts were introduced to Gibraltar following amendments to the Bankruptcy Act. These trusts are subject to particular provisions and to registration with the Registrar of Dispositions within the Financial Services Commission. Such trusts are of relevance to clients with certain requirements, and we are happy to explore these circumstances.

Contact Raquel Moss or Wayne Fortunato for more information. Our due diligence requirements can also be reviewed here.

Corporate Banking

Banking ServicesOur Corporate Banking Department, managed by Josephine Noguera, has established a reputation for high professional standards and a dedicated and personal client service.

The Corporate Banking Department works closely with the trustees/directors of trusts/companies managed by Line Group to arrange the opening of bank accounts. We have a dedicated team who process financial transactions and complete all the administration work ensuring we uphold the highest level of communications with the banks at all times. This, in turn, enables us to maintain excellent business relationships with the banks. Our network of relationships with over 600 financial institutions worldwide enables us to open accounts and to establish links with the most appropriate banking and investment providers, according to the diverse needs of our clients; be they companies or trusts.

Electronic links to most major banks allow us to make payments and to monitor accounts and individual transactions on-line. This not only speeds up the payment process but can also reduce bank charges.

Contact Josephine Noguera for more information. Our due diligence requirements can also be reviewed here.

Investment Review

Investment ManagementLine Consultancy Services Limited (“LCSL”) offers investment review services to Line Group, principally the monitoring of investment performance and helping in the selection and appointment of investment managers.

Over recent years portfolio monitoring and ‘Investment Manager Due Diligence’ have become important facets of the fiduciary landscape. LCSL co-ordinates proposals received by Directors and /or Trustees and facilitate the set up of a relationship with a chosen investment manager.

LCSL has a network of relationships in major financial centres, including asset managers, banks and brokers, allowing client trusts and companies to establish links with the most appropriate institutions according to their individual needs. These well-established relationships give LCSL access to a wide range of investment opportunities available in the market and help to negotiate enhanced terms and conditions for clients.


Accounting Services

Accounting ServicesAccounting Services deals with the record keeping and accounting requirements of all our corporate and trust clients, together with the administration of a Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme.

Accounting Services is led by Kathy Adamberry, an FCCA qualified accountant. Kathy worked as a Senior Associate in the assurance department of a ‘Big 4’ global accountancy firm. She is also a member of the Gibraltar Society of Accountants.

We cater for diverse reporting requirements from the reconciliation of bank accounts to the preparation of consolidated financial statements for complex multi-jurisdictional structures. We also prepare trust accounts, be they on a standalone basis, or combined with their holdings companies, as required.

The team of qualified professionals and support staff have access to a sophisticated multi-currency reporting system that allows detailed bookkeeping and reporting that can be tailored to the frequency and detail required by individual clients.

We have experience of producing financial statements in a range of formats to suit the needs of the client from a one page abridged balance sheet to full financial statements ready for audit. We liaise with auditors on behalf of the client and prepare the appropriate working paper files.